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The Blue Hen News is a quarterly newsletter which includes educational articles written by our members, business partners, past event speakers and other professionals in the legal industry. It includes fun features on our members and business partners, local polls on hot topics, social and community service event pictures as well as information on upcoming events and programs presented by both the First State Chapter and National ALA.

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December 2017  

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Feature Article


From the time I was a young manager and continuing now as a more seasoned office administrator, ALA has always been the organization I count on for providing me with support.   The educational opportunities are endless but maybe even more importantly, I get the support of my peers.  I know that if anyone can understand what is going on in my office or firm, it’s another legal administrator.  From the time I first joined ALA, to my first committee, then the Board and eventually as the President, I have learned so much and grown not only as a manager and leader, but also as a person. 

I have also come to learn how important it is to ALA, the  Chapter and to me to have the support of our Business Partners.  From the time I joined my first law firm as a secretary, I knew that I was able to get information and help from our Business Partners.  However, once I became a manager, I began to understand the true value our Business Partners provide.  The educational opportunities provided to me by the ALA as a direct result of support from our Business Partners has been invaluable.  Later, as I grew more experienced and comfortable in my role, our Business Partners’ support continued to be invaluable.  Many times they are ahead of the game and can provide training and information on such topics as new technology, better ways of processing data and security and what firms are looking for when they hire, just to name a few.  I’ve also learned about and incorporated areas I had absolutely no knowledge of from our business partners.  In addition to the learning opportunities, they are always there for me whenever I call to make sure my office runs smoothly and efficiently which in turn affects my bottom line.  I’ve even had Business Partners give me leads when I am trying to hire staff!

I also reflect on how the partnerships I have formed with our business partners in my Chapter have been invaluable to me over the years not only professionally, but also personally.  During some tough personal times, I was able to count on my close relationships with the business partners to provide my Firm with high quality services and know that I was not going to have to check up on them.  They also provided comfort and support to me during those tough times.  I am so appreciative of our business partners and cannot imagine life without them.

The following testimonial from chapter member Rachel Nuzzi of Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC, describes her experience in building relationships with business partners:

My objective in joining the First State Chapter of Legal Administrators five years ago was to make strong connections with other administrators in the legal community.  I hadn’t even given thought to the idea that there would be a benefit to the relationships I would make with the chapter’s Business Partners.  From day one, I was impressed by what I saw from our Business Partners in the form of participation in the chapter events and interest in our legal community.  I am grateful for their support of our chapter, as their contributions have provided us the ability to put together outstanding educational sessions, which have helped me learn and grow tremendously as an administrator.

As an HR department-of-one/firm administrator wearing many hats, I have looked to our Business Partners on many occasions for guidance and service – from recruiting needs, facilities maintenance, catering, technology – you name it.  It’s made my job so much easier knowing I have dedicated Business Partners to turn to for whatever my firm’s needs may be. Building the solid relationships with the Chapter’s business partners over the years has given me the confidence to recommend their services to my firm,  and it’s made me look good in front of my partners for choosing such great service providers for the firm through the relationships I’ve made with the Business Partners.”

          Rachel Nuzzi, Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC


Through members’ relationships with business partners, business partners are able to learn how our firms operate and what issues are important to the legal administrators.  The following testimonial is from Jeremy Luzader of DLS Discovery about his experience as a business partner with the First State Chapter:

The power of a true partnership is in working together, being united by a common purpose, while bringing our strengths to the table. That’s what we share with the First State Chapter of the ALA. Our goals are to offer great service and communication to our clients. Being a smaller group you really have a personal relationship with all members. I have personally recommended and will continue to refer businesses to join the ALA as it offers more benefits than any other local group. Our team at DLS Discovery is proud to be a part of the ALA in making our legal market the best it can be.

It is clear that your Chapter is run very well—from top to bottom. I applaud the leadership for encouraging a culture of inclusiveness, professionalism, and FUN! We are proud to be your Business Partner, and we look forward to many more years.”

             Jeremy Luzader, Vice President, DLS Discovery

Both the First State Chapter and I are pleased to have the support of its business partners and is grateful for the services and advice they provide to our members.  I am also pleased that in addition to myself, many of our administrators are now able to call the business partners their friends. 


Julie K. Dubreuil, Office Administrator, DLA Piper LLP (US)

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